Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lola and her little doll.


Lola is so glad to have her little doll as her companion. She always plays with her doll. She enjoys dressing up the doll as Lola's mother has knitted so many outfits for the doll. She carries the doll wherever she goes. You will not find anybody else who cares so much for their dolls as Lola does....
The pattern for Lola is taken from Dolly times, Lavender sachet doll, which is a free pattern and it's available in Love Knitting. The tiny doll is not handmade, I purchased it from a craft store. Although I am planning to knit a similar tiny doll soon....
Happy Crafting!

Primrose and her teddy..


Finally, Primrose's teddy is ready. She is very happy to play with her toy..

I am now about to make her best friend Wilfred Toadflax...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Anne of Green Gables

I just finished reading Anne of Green Gables, by LM. Montgomery. I loved the book so much that I ended up knitting Anne Shirley. I used the lavender sachet doll pattern from Dolly times. It's a free pattern.

This little orphan girl is all set to spend her rest of her childhood in this Green Gable house. All though Marilla Cuthbert, is reluctant to keep her in the beginning, Mathew Cuthbert convinces Marilla to keep Anne and Marilla is quite glad that she kept Anne (spelt with an 'e')

Anne, loves Avonlea and this Green Gables house! She has a great time here and enjoys her school days and she meets Diana Barry, who becomes Anne's bosom freind. They love each other very dearly!

Anne's carpet bag was made accedentally. I wanted to make a proper straw hat, since Anne wears a straw hat, a simple dress and carries an old carpet bag with her. She is an orphan and obviously she has to look simple.
I copied the pattern for a straw hat from  Jean Greenhowe's book 'The scare crow family'. Sally the wife of Sam wears a beautiful straw hat, I made that by reducing the stitches to fit Anne, since Sally is a big doll, but in vain. The hat was still big for Anne. I was disappointed that my efforts went to dogs. But, suddenly it flashed that, the hat can be converted into a bag, just it needed a handle, and there the bag was ready! It was a blessing in disguise, since I was breaking my head how to knit a carpet bag, just like that I found the solution. What about the hat? I used the same pattern that was written for lavender sachet doll.
I am very happy with the outcome! I am reading Anne of Avonlea, the second book in the series and I already liked a scene in one of the chapters. I am breaking my head about how to make that scene, hopefully I will be back with that scene soon...
Until then,

Friday, February 3, 2017

Primrose Woodmouse

I just finished making Primrose Woodmouse, one of the characters from Brambly Hedge. Primrose Woodmouse is the daughter of Lord and Lady Woodmouse. She lives in the Old Oak Palace. She is a lively small mouse and loves to explore with her good friend, Wilfred Toadflax.
If you look very hard amongst the tangled roots and stems of Brambly Hedge, you may see the small front doors and windows of the mice who live there. It is a busy, self-sufficient little community and although the mice work hard through out the year gathering food, cooking and preserving, improving their homes and using all the natural resources to the full, they still have plenty of time for fun.
The Brambly Hedge mice are established favourites with children all over the world. Toy designer Sue Dolman has collaborated with creator Jill Barklem and devised these easy-to-follow instructions and patterns to create some of the wonderful characters from the book. I am quite happy with Primrose.
Primrose has a favorite toy to play with. I am yet to make that. I will be back soon with her toy.
Until next........

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A thoughtful gift and a thank-you card!

One of my coworker gifted me this lovely pair of earrings.
So, I thought of making a thank-you card and made this vintage card...
This pattern is from Terry's paper land. The website has free printables. I thought of using this pattern, since this represents me. A girl who loves cats and Dolls :).
I had a lot of fun making this card, I also made an envelope to go with it....
Will be back soon, till then, Happy Crafting!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

cat about the house.

I just finished a cute miniature project in remembrance of my cat Maggie. This is again a project from Jean Greenhowe's book '45 Great Gifts to Make'.
I love all things miniature. This little fireside scene is glued together, using a concoction of no- cost bits and pieces from around the house- then a dozing cat was added made out of felt, who is really just waiting  to be cuddled!
The the floor and the wall is made out of cardboard and a pretty printed paper is stuck on the wall. The floor is made of a plain brown paper and the lines are ruled using a pencil to give the wood effect..
The mantel piece is again a narrow cardboard box, the top of the mantel piece is  covered with the brown paper just like the floor and the wood effect is given by ruling lines with a pencil. I had a calendar of Peanuts, which had a miniature pictures of Charlie Brown etc on the calendar. I cut them and glued them on a piece of card to make them look like comic books and then glued them on the mantel piece. The knitting needles are made out of tooth picks and I had a miniature book saying Lehmann toys, I just glued it near the knitting needles...The flower vase and the photo frame is from Calico Critters miniature set. I glued a couple of 3D stickers for more photographs on the wall.
The fireplace is made out of empty match boxes and a wood effect paper has been glued. Actually brick paper should be used, I didn't have that so I glued this, which is manageable ;)... I could have made the brick paper by painting it on a plain white sheet, but I got lazy :).....
The fire is red and silver wrapping paper. The log basket and the log are from Calico Critters miniature set.....
The rug on which the cat is sitting is made out of yarn, which is so simple to make. Cat's bowl is a lid of tiny ponds cold cream and a piece of white paper is glued for milk ;)... The cat is made out of felt.....The author in the book has used fleece fabric, but I didn't have it... I tried using white fur but the size became too big, so I couldn't use it..
Overall, this was a fantastic project! It was quite easy to make this and I enjoyed it a lot!
I will be back soon with a new project, until then, Happy Crafting!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Funny faces..

Today Polly invited Fern over for tea.
After they had tea, Polly told Fern about an interesting sewing project that she saw in one of Jean Greenhowe's books called ' 45 Great Gifts to Make'.
Fern was so excited and both of them gathered the materials and set to work.
Then after a while Tada....these cute little funny faces were ready...
Below are the six different characters they made.

Polly and Fern had a wonderful time making these and having other fun conversation over tea...
Wish I had a craft partner too....