Monday, October 30, 2017

Little Miss Muffet

I just finished designing Little Miss Muffet, based on an illustration from Mother goose nursery rhymes. I am very delighted with the outcome.

I designed this doll myself from my imagination, also I used this illustration as my guide. I used cardboard, lid from a plastic container, felt, lace etc to make this doll.

I also made a case for this doll out of a transparent plastic sheets. I think this will make a good display and also helps protect from dust.
I had a lot of fun making this doll. I am planning to Design more dolls based on Nursery rhymes.
Until next...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New home for my Sock doll.

One of my sock dolls found a new home. One of my coworkers wanted to give this doll to her daughter. I feel splendid to see the little girls playing with my dolls. I am very, very glad to share these pictures on my blog.

What a happy kid!

Revs 😍

Another handmade Notebook.

I made another handmade Notebook based on a joke from Reader's digest. It was a lot of fun. The Illustration guidence was taken from Wikipedia.

Until next....

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Another knitted dolly

I knitted another Jeangreen Howe's doll with a slight modification. I used size zero needles with double knitting yarn and it was a bad decision. I had to gain a lot of patience to finish this doll. I also made some changes with her hair. It took me a while, but I finally finished it!
I thought by using a pair of smaller needles, I could make a smaller doll. But, since I used double knitting yarn it didn't make much difference. Maybe, next time if I want to make a smaller doll I will use one skein yarn.
We learn from our mistakes :)

Sock dolls

I finished a couple of sock dolls and they are very cute. I am hooked to these and they are so easy and fast to sew.

I am going to make a few more of these ;)
Until next...

Handmade Notebook

Recently I was reading Reader's digest 'Laughter is the best medicine'. I read a joke which was so funny and inspired me to make this project. The joke goes like this:
As per the joke, I drew two little girls. I learnt to illustrate these cartoon nerdy girls from Wikipedia.
After I illustrated these girls I decided to make this a cover for a book. I added some ruled sheets inside the book. I also added some decorative lenin sheets for the inside and the outside and for the border of the book. I wrote the joke on the cover with a permanent marker and I laminated the cover using a plastic wrap.

I am quite happy with the outcome! I am going to gift this to one of my friends daughter. It will be wonderful to record all kinds of memories of her school daze!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

**it happened again!

Wives tend to make a fool out of themselves in front of their husbands all the time and Eva, is an expert in that.

 Last weekend, Eva's husband had assinged a task to her. To wash his work clothes, since he was working even on the weekend and so he wouldn't be able to wash the clothes by himself. Eva's husband is always good at giving perfect instructions and yet things go wrong with Eva at times especially while performing her husband's tasks. Otherwise, things go perfectly fine when she is performing other tasks and while running errands which are concerned with home and other things.

He told her to set the machine to cotton, prewash, intensive, at 400 degrees and in cold water. Eva, plugged in the washer, switched on the main switch, sets the machine as per the instructions given by her husband and when she starts the machine, all the lights go off, the machine starts beeping, and the lights under intensive, prewash, medic rinse, crease care, 1000, 800, 400, No spin, Rinse hold, cold water, hot water all the lights start blinking and the machine never rotates. Eva, makes sure the water​ is on, she switches of the washer, unplugs the washer, and switches off the main switch. Now, she plugs in the washer. Again the same thing happens and the machine never rotates. She again, switches​ off the machine, unplugs the washer, switches on the main switch, sets the machine and starts the washer hoping that it works perfectly. Unfortunately, no luck!  She switches off the main switch. Now, she reconnects the machine and starts it. For the third time also she did not have any luck! Now, with a grim face she calls her husband at work.

When she tells him the problem, with an annoying tone he tells her "You must have done something wrong, that's why the machine is not working". Then Eva, tries to explain to him whatever she did to start the machine but her husband stops her and tells "Do as I say, first switch off the washer, then switch off the main switch, unplug the machine. Now, replug the machine, turn on the main switch, set the machine to cotton, intensive, prewash, 400 degrees and cold. Now, press the play button". Daarr, the machine starts to rotate. Now, Eva is very embarrassed and she says meekishly, that the machine is working. Then, her husband says "you might have not set the machine correctly, you can't do anything properly", and then he hangs up. 
Eva, starts thinking "why does magic happens only to him?" Or "Is he a magician himself?". When she washed her clothes two days before this incident, the machine worked perfectly fine. Eva tried the same trick  as her husband suggested over the phone to start the machine but,  '**it happened again'!

Story and Illustration by
Revathi Akshay.