Sunday, July 16, 2017

**it happened again!

Wives tend to make a fool out of themselves all the time and Eva, is an expert in that.

 Last weekend, Eva's husband had assinged a task to her. To wash his work clothes, since he was working even on the weekend and so he wouldn't be able to wash the clothes by himself. Eva's husband is always good at giving perfect instructions and yet things go wrong with Eva at times especially, while performing her husband's tasks. Otherwise, things go perfectly fine when she is performing other tasks and while running errands which are concerned with home and other things.

He told her to set the machine to cotton, prewash, intensive, at 400 degrees and in cold water. Eva, plugged in the washer, switched on the main switch, set the machine as per the instructions given by her husband and when she started the machine, all the lights goes off, the machine starts beeping, and the lights under intensive, prewash, medic rinse, crease care, 1000, 800, 400, No spin, Rinse hold, cold water, hot water all the lights starts blinking and the machine never rotates. Eva, makes sure the water​ is on, she switches of the washer, unplugs the washer, and switches off the main switch. Now, she plugs in the washer. Again the same thing happened and the machine never rotates. She again, switches​ off the machine, unplugs the washer, switched on the main switch, sets the machine and starts the washer hoping that it works perfectly. Unfortunately, no luck!  She switches off the main switch. Now, she reconnects the machine and starts it. For the second Time also no luck! Now, with a grim face she calls her husband at work.

When she tells him the problem, with an annoying tone he tells her "You must have done something, that's why the machine is not working". Then Eva, tries to tell him that she tried to reset the machine but her husband stops her and tells "Do as I say, first switch off the washer, then switch off the main switch, unplug the machine. Now, replug the machine, turn on the main switch, set the machine to cotton, intensive, prewash, 400 degrees and cold. Now, press the play button". Daarr, the machine starts to rotates. Now, Eva is very embarrassed and she says meekishly, that the machine is working. Then, she gets to hear this "you might have not set the machine correctly, you can't do anything properly", then hangs up. 
Eva, is again thinking "why does magic happens only to him?" Or "Is he a magician himself?". When she washed her clothes two days before this incident, the machine worked perfectly fine. Eva tried the same trick  as her husband suggested over the phone but,  '**it happened again'.

Story and Illustration by Revathi Akshya.
I recently came across this beautiful illustration. I downloaded it, but unfortunately I am not able to recollect from where I got this illustration and who is the illustrator. The illustration has a beautiful meaning, words are not needed to explain this painting. When you are feeling low, it is so comforting to share your feelings to someone close to your heart. I loved this painting very, very much!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

A lapful of Luck!

 This weekend was dull and unproductive, since, I was down with a cold, headache, and a body pain. But, I was still motivated to paint this illustration by Mabel Lucie Attwell. This illustration reminds me of my childhood and it made me ponder over those bygone days!
As a child, I always used to be around cats. I grew up with cats and used to get excited to play with those little kittens. I use to long to get home from school to play with my cats. I was happy to think about those days and paint this illustration.
"A lapful of Luck", what an irony! A superstitious belief is that black cats are unlucky?  But who cares, for this little girl it is still 'A lapful of Luck'.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Bedtime Elephant.


From past two weeks, in my break time at work, I was knitting this Bedtime Elephant, from Jeangreen Howe's book 'Knitted Animals'. I completed it this weekend.
Ever since I read the announcement on Jean's website that she has retired at the age of 83, and there won't be anymore Jeangreen Howe's designs, I am quite upset. I just thought of knitting some of her designs. I am lucky that I can knit and I am lucky to have discovered Jeangreen Howe's designs. I am quite honored to knit and sew her dolls.
I just thought of mentioning this nursery rhyme:
Just as Midnight's striking,
When everyone's asleep,
Elephants yawn and stretch and shake,
And out of warm beds creep.

They sneak out from their houses,
And gather in the dark,
Then skip along the empty streets,
Heading for the park.....  (Continues)

Sometimes, I feel that I should have remained a child!
I enjoyed knitting this little guy. During my busy work schedule, taking some time out to knit or read or draw is quite relaxing...
Will be back with my next project.
Until then....

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Any time's tea break time.

Today, Molly didn't feel like going to work, so she called her boss and told him that her dog is sick and she needs to take him to the vet.
This is a white lie because she doesn't have a dog, she has a cat and her cat is quite healthy. Besides, she had just taken a holiday, a month ago and her excuse was that her dog had died.
She remembered this after she finished speaking to her boss, but then who cares? She just decided to take a chill pill and do some house keeping. It finally struck that any time's a tea break time. Her cat is always there to give her a company.
Another, Attwell's illustration. I am having an enormous fun painting these little characters. I will do anything to have this kind of a life! This illustration reminds me of my cat, he use to sit on the headrest just like the cat in this illustration while I use to knit.
Recently, I read an article on BBC learning English, where they had listed a several excuses given by people to take a sickie, and that too they were the facts. They had all blamed their pets for not able to go to work. The excuses were quite hilarious, I can go on and on about those but unfortunately I can't, because my cat's eaten my keyboard!
Until next time...;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Colorful weekend

This weekend was quite colorful, since I was busy painting two more Mabel Lucie Attwell's illustrations. Also making these into bookmarks are even more exciting!

I am now hooked to making these bookmarks. I love this cutie, especially her red frock and her polka dots hat.
This below one is a 'perfect me'. I know the joy of knitting and to snuggle a pussycat. I love this illustration, it is quite dear to me.
My husband gave a fantastic idea, to get these laminated. I tried it, they looked pretty good after getting them laminated. Below are the pictures of these before and after lamination.

These bookmarks are a great to gift someone. Chubby looking, Rosy checked cuties of  Mabel Lucie Attwell's are precious and priceless!
I have downloaded some more Attwell's illustrations and I am excited to work on those.
Until next..

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Water color bookmark.

I love Mabel Lucie Attwell's illustrations! They are so cute and nostalgic! I am inspired by her work and feeling like painting off late. This is what I painted last weekend.
I still have to learn the techniques of mixing colors. I am really not happy with the skin tone, but it was so much fun painting this. All her illustrations does bring smile on anyone's face. I thought of making this into a bookmark.
I loved this idea of making bookmarks. I am planning to paint a few more. I downloaded a few images and I will be working on them this weekend.
Can't wait to paint!
Until next.....